Kham Eye brows and Lashes Serum (60 ml)

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Eye brows and Lashes Serum (60 ml) - by Kham

- Helps in thickening eye brows and eye lashes within one month.

- This natural eyelash and brow serum rich in natural oils and vitamin E.

- It contains almond, castor, jojoba and aloe Vera with vitamin E.

- Almond oil prolongs the lashes, makes it dense, prevents its falling , moisturizes, and gives it shine.

- Stimulates the growth of new lashes as it feeds the hair follicles from the inside.

- Castor oil naturally contains high levels of ricinolic acid, an omega-8 fatty acid that helps you accelerate eyelash growth and repair damaged ones.

- Aloe vera oil is a great remedy to help you get long and thick eyelashes as it contains vitamin E and the most important nutrients that increase the length of lashes significantly when used regularly.

How to use:

Use once a day on upper eyelashes and eyebrows for a month regularly for best results.

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