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(Omega Heavy Duty Wheel Chair WIth Foldable Backrest - (951AC-56

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Country Origin: china
Brand: Omega
  1. The frame is welded by high-strength and thickened A3 steel. After secondary phosphating, electrostatic spraying is anti-aging and has strong anti-rust ability.
  2. The angle of the backrest is completely designed according to the physiological curvature of the waist of the human body, which is suitable for the use of obese people. The backrest adopts a foldable rear handle.
  3. Seat cushion/back cushion: Made of flame-retardant Oxford fabric , it is soft, breathable and non-slip, flat and beautiful. The built-in interlayer can be reinforced with canvas with a height of 600d, which has high tensile strength.
  4. The armrest can be turned back and can be rotated,
  5. The foot pedal is locked by an eccentric device, which is convenient for height adjustment, and the long foot rest can be removed.
  6. Front wheel: 8-inch (20cm) PVC universal front wheel with high-strength plastic wheels.
  7. The brake structure adopts toggle brake device, which is lower than the seat surface after braking, which is convenient, fast and safe.
  8. Auxiliary wheel safety device is installed to prevent the wheelchair from tipping over during driving.
  9. Rear wheel: 24-inch (60 cm ) solid tire, with the characteristics of no inflation, high wear resistance, equipped with hand wheel device

(Used when the hand directly drives the wheelchair)

  1. The foldable frame is easy to carry and can save space.

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