Become an Affiliate & Win !

Why work with Medical Empire Affiliate Marketing ?

-There's no need to create a separate account for every customer to make an order.

- You will not have to confirm orders with customers because our customer service team will be responsible for that, so the customer will feel more confident and we can decide if that customer will really recieve his/her order or not.

- You can recieve your salary after 7 days from order delivery, Without Minimum cash You Can withdrawal through the suitable payment method for you: Vodafone cash, Orange Cash, Etisalat Cash, Hand to hand payment in our location or bank transfer (minimum 5000 LE),

also the customer can preview product well before payment for the order, if something wrong with product and the customer refused to recieve the order he/she doesn't pay shipping fees but if the product is fine and the customer refused to recieve the order he/she pays the shipping fees.

- We provide you with photos of the device either captured with phone or designs for using on social media, we also provide video for the product to use with customers to show them all details about the product and how it works, that helps you to market product.

If you are interested you can join us in our location in heliopolis or contact us on the following number: 01210592926.