Mercury blood pressure meter (sphygmomanometer) By Omega

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Mercury blood pressure meter (sphygmomanometer) Easily measuring at home - easy to use - By Omega sphygmomanometer details: - Protective casing: Adopt the thickening of the iron to suppress the molding, no welding, effective internal dust control, sanitation. - Rubber pressurized balloon: Soft rubber material, durable, easy to use, just squeeze it and let it go. - Bleed valve: Proper use of the air valve on the balloon is an important part of the whole process of measuring blood pressure, but don't underestimate the small part. - Tie in cuff: The cuff is the most important part of all blood pressure gauges, and any blood pressure gauge is used to pressure blood vessel to measure blood pressure. Features of sphygmomanometer: - Dual scale display. - Solid and durable. - Surface spray treatment. - Anti-corrosion. - wear resisting. - Compact design. - Leakage prevention. - Top of test tube is added to prevent mercury leakage. sphygmomanometer Operating Principle: The blood flow is blocked by an inflatable compression measurement of the arm, and then the blood flows through the gas in the discharge arm. Blood pressure measurement is based on the blood flow of the blood or the vibration of the blood vessel. Method of operation: Whether its sitting or lying down, the blood pressure gauge should be at the heart level and keep the arm at the same level as the heart. Sit upright, relax and stay even. sphygmomanometer Measuring Steps: - Press the button and open the mercury blood pressure meter. - loosen the air valve on the balloon. - squeeze out the gas in the cuff. - open the mercury valve. - The sleeve belt should be the right size, and cuff air bags should be at least 80% upper arm. - Attach the cuff to the upper arm of the back side. - The lower margin of the cuff should be 2-3 cm from the elbow, and the cuff is at the same level as the heart. - After the cuff is properly strapped, the connection tube should be placed above the arm, and the chest of the sethoscope should be placed in the elbow of the brancial artery. - Regardless of the body odor, the blood pressure is in the heart level. - Put the sethoscope on your ear. - Tighten bleed valve, repeatedly squeezing rubber balloon to cuff air pressure, air pressure should be flexible pulses within 30 mmHg disappears and rises again, then at a constant rate (2-6 mmHg/ sec) slowly deflated, heart rate slow when deflated rate is slower. - obtain the diastolic reading and quickly release it to zero. sphygmomanometer Readings: - Systolic (high-pressure) reading: The height of the mercury when you first hear the blood vessel sound is the systolic blood pressure. - Diastolic (low-pressure) reading: Continue to release the air, and the height of the mercury in the blood vessel sound when it is suddenly weekend (or suddenly disappear) is the pressure of the diastolic blood pressure. - Completely and close the mercury valve: When the measured blood pressure was recorded, the blood pressure measurements were completed. Collect all bold pressure measuring equipment; especially you need to remember to close the mercury valve. sphygmomanometer Specifications: Size: 370 * 160 * 85 mm Double unit display: kPa & mmHg Permissible error: +/- 0.5 kPa (3.75 mmHg) Minimum scale division: 0.5 kPa / 2 mmHg Pressure detection range: 0kPa - 40kPa (0-300mmHg) Pulse frequency: 40 times/ min - 150 times/min. Product type: Mercury blood pressure meter. Product name: Hemodynamometer. Brand: Omega.

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