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Offer (Thermo Cold Hot or Cold Gel Bead Pack For Neck & Shoulder + Gel Bead Pack For Knee & Elbow + Gel Bead Pack For Back)

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Get instant relief from pain with the omega-gel multi-use pad, which can be used hot or cold as needed.

It is used in injuries of Neck, Knee, back & lower back pain This reusable and multi-purpose pack contains gel beads that conform to the body to soothe it.

Plus, each package includes a velor fabric backing for maximum comfort.

Some injuries require warmth to enhance blood flow, and some require cold to reduce swelling.

No matter what kind of comfort you need, our multi-purpose gel packaging covers your needs.

For cold use:

Place the package in the freezer or refrigerator for at least two hours before use.

Check the package to ensure the appropriate degree of coldness for you before placing it on the area of ​​the injury, preferably using it from the direction of the marigold for more comfort.

To use hot:

- Wrap the package in a wet towel and place it in the microwave in the middle so that it does not touch the sides.

In the case of using an 800-watt microwave, place it for 30 seconds and reheat for ten seconds In the case of using a 1000 watt microwave, place it for 20 seconds and reheat for five seconds Check the package to ensure the proper temperature before applying it to the area of ​​the injury

For heating using hot water:

Place the pack in hot water away from the fire for 1-2 minutes.

Take out the package from hot water carefully and check its temperature before placing it on the affected area.

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