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AKAIMED SKY 100MB Surgical Operating Lights

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Country Origin: India

Sterilizable Handle:

Specially designed

a sterilizable handle that provides a completely bacteria-free surface.


Focus Adjustment:

The sterilizable handle is used for turning the lamp holder for which the focus can be adjusted for LED 30 & LED 20.


Homogeneous Light Beam:

The power of its lights has been harnessed through a combination of finely honed lenses to deliver a homogeneous light.


Single LED Replaceable:

LED 30 & LED 20 have a special feature for changing a single LED when the LED fuses instead of changing a complete module.

It becomes very economical even after-sales.


Green & Clean Technology:

LED lights are an extremely environmentally friendly alternative to conventional light sources.

They contain no heavy metals, consume very little energy, and have virtually unlimited life.


Constant Depth:

The LED modules give an excellent constant depth.


Shadow Free Light:

A large ellipse light head and large light field diameter offer optimum illuminating in the obstructed areas and the symmetric shape of the lamp head provides perfect shadow control.


Integrated with the laminar flow:

The disturbance of the air movement produced by the laminar flow is largely eliminated.

The smooth surface contributes to fast and easy cleaning.


Life of LED:

LED service life is 25 times longer than a halogen bulb.

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