Omega Electric Nasal Aspirator

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Country Origin: Singapore
Brand: Omega
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Ergonomically designed for a child's nose.

Helps to get rid of nasal obstruction problems in children (difficulty of breathing, sleep disturbances), and nasal congestion in children in cases of colds, viral or bacterial infections.

It helps the baby breathe better.

It is better than the manual suction because of the ease of use and the control of the suction force at different levels, and unlike the manual suction, it prevents the transmission of infection to the mother.

It is used with baby saline dropper that the doctor prescribed for the child. The mother puts a few drops of it in the nostrils of the child, then begins using a suction to get rid of mucus and fluids that cause the child's nose to block.

Omega electric nasal aspirator is equipped with a self-cleaning feature for easy cleaning of the device without the need to disassemble its parts.

It works with 3 different levels of suction as needed.

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