Omega offer for pain relief (Wireless Massage Gun- DS-X12 - With 4 Massage Heads - 20 Levels - + spot cold with 7 inch black ice/hot bag free

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Omega massage gun is used to get rid of muscle and joint pain after exercises or physical work for a long time, and to stimulate blood circulation.

There are six custom intensity settings as desired.

The device comes with 4 heads of different shape, size, and use, which stimulate blood circulation, reduce muscle healing time, relieve pain, and aid in relaxation.

Built-in Pressure Sens: Omega massage gun with a smart pressure sensor will automatically increase speed and force when extra pressure is detected, empowering you to adjust the massage intensity without hassle.

Contains a digital screen to view the battery usage and speed.

1- Ball head: to massage the muscles.

2- The bullet: to massage the joints.

3- Head of the fork: to massage the spine.

4- Flathead: to relax the entire body. Ergonomic design, more comfortable non-slip grip for safety and control during use, helps you relieve fatigue, relieve pain, and maintain fitness.

Suitable for home, office, and travel use.

It is equipped with a battery that lasts up to 3 hours.

The device comes with a charger of battery, 4 headpieces.

OMEGA INSTANT COLD PACK- SINGLE-USE - LARGE SIZE, 2 PACKS The perfect solution for any injury - simply fold the bag and shake it instantly into an ice pack - essential for small emergencies like sprains, bumps, and muscle spasms. Experience instant pain relief, cold and effective packaging to quickly reduce swelling and pain. These cold compresses for ice therapy are an essential part of any first aid kit. - Flexible, Versatile, and Travel-Friendly - This cold therapy can be used once for muscle spasms, sprains, headaches, bruises, dental pain, and cramps. No need to freeze in advance or take crushed ice while riding. Just use the instant ice pack for cold therapy for all injuries, accidents, aches or pains. How to use: Fold the product in half, until the water bag inside is torn. Shake the pack well for at least 15 seconds to mix the granules with water. Cover the compress in a piece of cloth and use it on the painful area. For best results, shake the sachet from time to time during use. Warning: For external use only.

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